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Cruisers Style Boat Covers

Measuring Your Boat and Knowing Your Motor Type

Boat measurement and motor type identification diagram.

Westland Select Fit Boat Covers are applied by the general hull style and basic dimensions of the boat being covered. These covers are listed in 1’ increments on the half-foot, so the cover may fit a little tighter or looser, depending on the centerline length and beam width of your boat, in comparison to the listed dimensions for the cover. Each cover has a draw rope sewn into the hem of the cover for purposes of pulling the cover tight and tie down loops sewn throughout for tying the cover down.

These covers are available in 4 material options: Sunbrella with a 10 year warranty, Sharkskin Supreme SD with a 7 year warranty, Sharkskin Plus with a 5 year warranty. All of Westland’s covers are reinforced at high stress areas and have two sewn in vent caps to increase breathability.

To ensure you choose the correct cover: First, select the style that most resembles your boat. Of course, check the console dimensions, rail allowance, and trolling motor (or any other added feature) accommodations as well. Next, to obtain the centerline length of the boat, simply run a measuring tape down the side or center of your boat from the furthest point of the bow (be sure you do not contour to any curves or go up and over anything like a windshield or console) to the back of the transom. Lastly, the beam is a measurement taken from gunnel to gunnel at the widest point, also in a straight line without contour.

Select Your Sub-Style, Motor Configuration and Dimensions

euro-cruiser Illustration

Euro Cruiser Covers

Fits high profile cabin cruisers with euro style integrated swim platforms. Overall centerline listed includes swim platform. When ordering for boats with bow pulpits, add the length of the pulpit to centerline length. Accommodates bow rails up to 30"and curved glass windshields. Cover does not accommodate radar arches. I/O

offshore-day-cruiser Illustration

Offshore Day Cruiser Covers

Designed for low profile offshore and day cruiser style sport boats. Covers will accommodate boats with or without windshields. Available for 96" or 102" wide models. Fits boats with I/O stern drives, jets, or bracket mounted outboards.

v-hull-cruiser Illustration

V-Hull Cruiser Covers

Fits high profile cabin cruisers. Accommodates bow rails up to 30" and squared glass windshields. Cover does not accommodate radar arches. Add on the length of the bow pulpit when measuring the centerline of the boat. I/O but can accommodate O/B models with deep inset wells.