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On the Water Fun

Susan J

Summer boating is lots of fun! Whether you prefer zipping around the lake on a speed boat or cruising along on a pontoon, a day on the water can be amazing. There is more to do than just ride in the boat, although that can be enjoyable, too. Let’s talk about your “on the water” options.


This is what boats are for, right? Cast a line and reel in the big ones. The beauty of a boat is that you have the freedom to move from place to place if the fish aren’t biting.


Yeah, it’s hot, and even though you’re floating in a gigantic pool of cool water, you’re still ON a boat. So find a cove and jump on in!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to tubing. There is a multitude of shapes and sizes available. All you need is a rope and the tube and nerves of steel.


One or two? You decide. Once again…all you need is a rope and a ski (or two). Oh, and a little balance and a life jacket are good ideas as well.

These are just a few ideas. Whatever you do with your day, just remember to be safe and have fun. When you’re done and it’s time to go home, cover your boat with a top quality cover that will protect the boat and look great! Let Boat Covers Direct® help! Visit our site at, call 1-866-626-8377, or use our Live Chat feature to learn more!

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