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Covering Your Boston Whaler


red center console cover on a boston whaler

Part 1: Center Console and Seat Covers for Whalers

Boston Whaler boats are one of my favorite brands to cover.  Known as the “unsinkable legend”, there are stories all over the internet (and even videos, if you want to check out our Youtube link below), of these boats being subjected to extremely destructive indignities.  For example, advertising shows boaters cutting the hull in half with a chainsaw.  The Whaler, of course, doesn’t sink.  Water can completely fill the hull, and the Whaler still won’t sink because of the closed cell foam used in construction.

With a very well built, very well designed boat such as the Whaler, you may wonder if it even needs a cover.  After all, open fishing boats like the Montauk 17 don’t have carpet.  With very little upholstery, the Whaler can stand some weather. Even with the indestructible Whaler, though, there are still electronics that need to be protected. Don’t forget the gel coat, this is where your boat will start to show age first! We offer custom center console covers for the Montauk 17, as well as universal center console covers for other models like the Outrage.  Protect your vinyl with a seat cover, or just preserve the entire boat while you’re at it with a full boat cover—we have those too. Covering your Boston Whaler has never been easier.

[vc_video link=”//″ shadow=”yes” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] light gray custom console cover for boston whaler montauk

Custom Center Console Cover for Montauk 17

Let’s say that you don’t want to spend the time to cover your entire Whaler every time you store the boat.  At least cover your electronics with a center console cover. After all, you have as much money tied up on that console (think depth finders and GPS) as you do almost anywhere on the boat.

We offer a console only cover that will fit years 03-07 and another that will fit the year model 2008. Our cover is made from Sunbrella, the best material in the marine industry.

Each cover features:
*Zippered access at the helmsman location
*Snaps in the hem for secure fit and installation
*Screw studs provided for installation purposes
*10 year warranty


red center console cover on a boston whaler

Universal Center Console Covers

If you dont have the Montauk which we offer the custom cover for, you can still use our universal center console cover. The universal center console covers will protect your console, electronic equipment, and controls. The hem in these covers is elasticized.  The included heavy-duty strap system allows for a more customized fit. Available in several different colors and fabrics, as well as in three different sizes, there are many options for achieving the coverage that you need.

cincher on a light gray center console cover

Montauk Custom Seat Covers

Our custom fit seat cover will protect your seats from all types of environmental beatings.  Made for the 2003-2007 Boston Whaler Montauk 17 from 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic, our custom seat cover is made in the USA by Carver Industries.  Draw rope and snaps are provided in the hem for a snug fit.  Screw studs for installation are included.

red seat cover for boston whaler

Covering your Whaler

By covering the console and seat with our custom covers, you are protecting a lot of what needs protecting on your Whaler.  Still, a full cover will protect your gel coat, which otherwise is exposed to all types of harsh environmental conditions.  If you are looking for a full cover or a top configured for ease of use with Whaler boats, check out the next two installments of my Whaler cover series, coming soon.  Mention this blog post for 10% off of all of your Whaler cover needs.

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