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Shoretex Boat Covers–Our Newest Addition

Susan J

We are pleased to announce the addition of Shoretex Boat Covers to our lineup! For over 25 years, Shoretex has been providing quality marine products and they specialize in custom boat covers made with each boat’s contours in mind.

Shoretex boat covers have a heavy-duty, UV resistant, polyester draw rope encased in the hem. They also feature tie down loops with attached D-rings to help avoid twisting of the tie down straps. These tie down loops are sewn into the hem and are spaced every 24-30”, resulting in more loops than you actually need, which gives some flexibility in the way the cover is secured to the boat trailer. Shoretex goes a step further by also sewing in a protective flap behind each tie down loop to ensure the loop , D-ring, or tie down won’t scratch or rub the boat. Their covers are also fully reinforced around wear points such as trolling motors, consoles, and windshield area and include a storage bag.

While Shoretex doesn’t currently offer a cover for boats with ski towers or hard tops/t-tops, they do offer something a little different from other cover manufacturers: customization. Would you like for your draw rope to exit at the bow instead of at the stern? No problem! Do you prefer a cutout around the outboard? They can do that, too! They also can make cutouts in the cover for kicker motors. Does your boat have a trolling motor that can’t be removed? Shoretex will build in a trolling motor accommodation. (This will affect the fit and removing the trolling motor is the only way to ensure a tight, truly custom fit.)

Shoretex covers come in Travel Tuff, Prism, and WeatherMax materials and are available in a variety of colors. All three carry a 5 year warranty.

There are a few accessories we recommend adding to your Shoretex boat cover that will allow it to be used to the fullest of its ability.

Tie Down Kit

Tie down kits come in a set of 20 and feature a quick release buckle and durable webbing straps. A tie down kit is essential to trailering with the cover on and it will help keep the cover pulled taut while it is being stored.

Support Poles

Support poles do just that! They support the cover from the underside, lifting the cover so water and snow can run off. They are available with grommet tips, snap tips, or rubber tips. We also offer a boat vent that can be installed in the cover to allow for extra ventilation as well as support.

Rope Ratchet

Since all Shoretex covers come standard with a draw rope, another handy tool to have is a rope ratchet. Rope ratchets help tighten the cover while keeping the rope free of knots or frays. Tension is loosened on the rope by simply pressing a button located on the ratchet housing.

If you’re looking for a great quality custom cover that will provide an excellent fit and supreme protection for your boat, try a Shoretex cover. You won’t be disappointed! And when you get ready to order that cover, give us a call at 1-866-626-8377 or contact us through our convenient online chat at . Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help you choose the best fit for your needs.

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