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How do you keep birds off of your Canopy Lift!

Susan J

Windsock…or flag

One of the most simple suggestions is a windsock or flag. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and come in a variety of styles. You would just hang the windsock or flag a few feet above the canopy, allowing it to flow in the wind to scare the birds away.


Hawks and Kites

Another easy solution would be to add a hawk prop or kite. Most birds are naturally afraid of predators, such as hawks, so they will be distracted from visiting the area where the predator awaits.


Ultrasonic option or Bird Repellent Spray

If you are looking for something a little less visual, you could try an ultrasonic scarer. Ultrasonic systems are not harmful to birds but produce a high pitch static sound-emitting deterrent. These devices have not been proven effective with all species of birds because some of them cannot hear loud decibel frequencies.

Or, you could use a bird repellent spray that can be purchased at most pest control stores. The spray is advertised to keep birds away and prevent them from gathering on your canopy or dock. The down-side to the spray is that you would need to continously reapply over time.

Will bird droppings TRULY be a thing of the past with these tips?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed suggestion that would be 100% effective to keep birds off of your boat lift canopy or away from your boat dock. However, with some of the above mentioned tips, you may get some relief and keep that canvas looking new!


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