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The REAL Signs Of Drowning That You Won’t See On TV


Signs of Drowning: Think You Know What It Looks Like? Think Again...

Do you spend a lot of time on the water with close friends and family? If so, this blog post is something you need to read and share.

Slate Magazine recently wrote this great article detailing what REALLY happens in the moments before someone drowns. Much to our surprise, it’s not what you’d think.

Why? Well, for one, most of us have never actually been around someone who was drowning (thankfully), although there’s no guarantee that won’t change in the future given how much we’re all around water. Secondly, the stuff we all see on TV shows and in the movies where people are thrashing around and screaming for help is what we typically think of when we think of someone drowning.

The REAL signs of drowning are quite different than what actors make it look like (it’s not the actors’ faults, they have no idea either).

That’s why, according to the Slate article, “in many child drownings, adults are nearby but have no idea the victim is dying.”

It’s terrible to imagine being close by and able to prevent the death of someone you love who is drowning, but not doing anything in time simply because you didn’t know they needed help. We don’t want that to EVER happen to you or us, so for this Fact Friday blog post, we had our graphic designer put together a summary image to help spread the word and educate people about what actually happens when a person is drowning:

infographic showing the warning signs of drowning

Spread the Word

The more people that know what the real signs of drowning are, the better. Please help spread the word!

Don’t let anyone you know or love attempt to jump in the deep water or drift out far if you know they are unable to swim! Watch them closely or advise them to take up some swimming lessons to guarantee their safety.

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