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Are the covers for mooring or storage and how are they secured?

Our Carver covers can be used for regular storage, mooring, or trailering! The Styled-to-Fit® covers (our most popular line) have a shock cord, which is like a bungee, sewn into the hem. The cover is made to come down and snug about 6" or so below your rubrail. The cover also has tie down loops sewn into its hem one every 2-3'.
For mooring, we offer a new product for securing the cover. This product is called suction cup tie downs. These are 3 and 1/4" suction cups with toggle ball ties. The cups stick to the side of the boat while the toggle ball ties are secured around the tie down loop in the covers hem. We offer these as either 4 or 8 to a pack. 

In addition to these suction cup tie downs, we also offer Mooring Sand Bags that clip onto the tie down loops and hang down the sides to keep the cover secure. Each bag can hold up to 7 pounds of sand, if necessary.

For storage on a trailer, or trailering, the same loops can be utilized with straps. The straps will go down and wrap around the trailer legs, come back up and snap together, then snug. We offer these straps on our website in a "Boat Cover Tie Down Kit". This kit comes with 12 black polypropylene straps with quick release buckles. 

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns. We are happy to help you!