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Do you need to know more about Infinity Flooring?

What type of subfloor will Infinity Vinyl Flooring adhere to?
Infinity Vinyl Flooring can be used on virtually any type of subfloor including aluminum, fiberglass and marine-grade plywood when using Ad-vanced Marine Adhesive, AAT-390.
Should I clean the area first?
Yes, flooring must be applied to a smooth, clean, flat and dry surface. All dust, debris, wax or other foreign materials must be removed. If the surface is glossy, it must be sanded down to dull the surface and all cracks should be filled in.
Should I wait for warm weather to install flooring?
The adhesive and vinyl must be acclimated on-site. The temperatures should be above 65 degrees for 24 hours before, during and after installation.
What tools should I use to apply adhesive?
Advanced Adhesive Technologies, or AAT-390, can be applied with a paint roller or 1/8” trowel.
How do I correct air bubbles and flatten the edges?
Air bubbles can be corrected with a dry paint roller. Edges can be flattened using a seam roller.
How do I clean up wet adhesive?
Soapy water will remove wet adhesive.
How do I clean up dry adhesive?
Dried adhesive should be removed with an adhesive remover.

Installation Instructions