I only need the canvas to fit my Bimini top frame. Can this be purchased separately?

The canvas or fabric portion of a Bimini is almost always the first part of the top to deteriorate. If you already have a perfectly good frame, there is no need to replace it!

CoversDirect® makes replacing your Bimini top canvas easy. We offer replacement canvases for both 3 bow round tube Bimini tops and 4 bow square tube pontoon Bimini tops. These canvases are Made in the USA by Carver Industries. Canvas widths are available from 61 to 102 inches, and lengths come in 6 or 8 foot options.

Do you need a replacement storage boot as well? Our 3 bow Bimini top canvases will include a free matching storage boot. We have replacement storage boots available for 4 bow square tube pontoon Bimini tops as well. You can view all of these products at the below links:

Replacement Canvas and Boot for 3 Bow Round Tube Bimini Top

Replacement Canvas for 4 Bow Square Tube Pontoon Top

Replacement Storage Boot for 4 Bow Square Tube Pontoon Top