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Do your bimini top frame screws feel rough to the touch?

My screws in my Bimini top frame feel rough to the touch, and I am worried that they can cause friction and wear holes in my canvas. What should I do?

Our Bimini tops are made from tough, marine-grade material that is made to withstand abrasion. However, there are a few simple actions that, if taken during top assembly, will ensure you enjoy years of worry-free boating with your Bimini top.

When installing your Bimini top, opt for a hand-held screwdriver rather than an electric drill.

If an electric drill is used, sometimes it is possible to "burr" a screw when you are assembling your top. This means that the head of the screw is very rough. When ignored, the screw has the potential to rub your canvas and cause problems for you.

If the screws have become "burred" out during your top assembly, you may fix the problem with one of two easy solutions. First, you may wish to file the "burr" to ensure that the edges of the screw are smooth. Second, you may apply duct tape to prevent the rough edges from coming into contact with your canvas.