Westland Bimini Tops Questions and Answers


What precautions should I take when using my top in saltwater?

Westland Bimini tops are designed to be used in all environments, including salt and freshwater. Saltwater is harsh on metal. You will want to take extra steps to care for your Bimini should you be using it in saltwater, so it does not develop rust and corrosion. Frames are made from aluminum, and fittings are available in nylon or stainless steel. Stainless steel is stronger and will hold up better in saltwater as a rule. You should make sure to properly clean your top after each use in saltwater. For information on how to clean your top after its been used in saltwater, read the information underneath How do I clean my Bimini top after using it in saltwater?


How do I clean my Bimini top after using it in saltwater?

After each use of the Bimini top in saltwater, you should hose it down to remove all traces of saltwater off the frame. You can create a mild solution of dish soap and water and use a soft brush to go over the Bimini top frame. You can clean your frame with a good car chrome polish and follow up with a fiberglass wax. Make sure to stay away from cleaners that contain chlorine or powders/pads that are made to scour, as this will cause scratching of the metal. You can use a commercial grade rust remover on your frame as long as it is made specifically for aluminum.


How do I determine the size I need for my Bimini top?

To choose your size, you first need to determine the length of Bimini you need. Westland Bimini tops come in lengths from 5’ to 8’.

Next you need to choose your mounting width. You should decide exactly where on your boat you would like to mount your top. Keep in mind that the points you are measuring between will be the mid point of your Bimini top’s length. Simply measure the widths between the points where you will be mounting, and choose the range that covers that width. Then you will measure straight from that point up to determine your height. Now that you know what size you need, you can choose your top here.


Does this top come with straps or metal struts?

As a rule our Bimini tops come standard with front and rear hold down straps. However, a brace kit (also referred to as metal “struts”) can be purchased to replace those straps. This will allow your top to be folded back and out of the way when you aren’t using it. You can view those here

If you choose to go with the standard straps, these are easily unhooked to allow the Bimini to lay down. You simply unhook the hold down straps from the connection points on the boat, and your Bimini top will lay right down. If you choose to go with the brace kit, you will need to either unscrew the braces each time, or install quick release pins for easier removal. Quick release pins are also located in our accessories section, here


Does this top lay towards the front or the back of the boat?

Westland’s Bimini top will lay down towards the front or the back. To let your top lay down towards the front, simply release the back hold down straps or brace. To let your top lay down towards the back of the boat, just release the front hold down straps or brace kit.


Will this top stay up or can I lay it down flat?

You can easily lay your Bimini top down flat. Simply unhook the hold down straps or brace kit, and lay the Bimini top towards the bow or stern of the boat depending on your preference.


You don’t have a listing for my boat- can I still buy a Bimini top?

Yes, of course. Simply refer to “How to determine the size I need for my Bimini top” and choose your own size based on your boats dimensions. If you have questions about the size, just give us a call!


I have a tower on my boat. Do you have a Bimini that will work?

We have bimini’s by two retailers- Carver and Westland. Westland does not have one for your boat with the tower, but Carver does. Here is a link.

This Bimini is made to mount to the tower with no drilling required. It will attach to the tower using clamps rather than requiring screws.


Who is Westland Industries?

Westland Industries is a leading supplier of boat covers and bimini tops. In the business of manufacturing these products for over 30 years, Westland has tons of experience in the industry. Their covers are made specific to accommodate many types of boats, from dinghies to cabin cruisers.


How tall should I order my Bimini top?

To determine the height you would like to order, stand in your boat and measure the height straight from the main mounting point up. Some people want to be able stand under their Bimini as this is how they drive their boat. Others would like to enjoy shade while seated. Simply measure to the height that will work best for you. Remember, you will have less shade as you go up in height.


What is the difference between Sunbrella and Sharkskin?

Sunbrella and Sharkskin are both great materials for Bimini tops. Sunbrella is a 100% acrylic material and will be best for intense sun. Sharkskin is an acrylic coated polyester which is best for water repellency. Both materials will work very well for blocking the sun and rain.