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I need my cover to meet the waterline to protect the gel coat on my boat. Do you have something that would work for my boat?

While our covers are made to snug a few inches below the rub rail of the boat, many people need that extra coverage when storing their boat on a lift, in the water, or even on a trailer. If you are one of those who need the additional coverage, we have you covered with our easy to install Universal Boat Skirts by Carver Industries.

The boat skirt adds 30" of protection down the sides of the hull and runs down the entire side of the boat. To determine which size cover you need, just measure from the tip of the bow down the curve of the boat to the back of the transom.

If you only need extended protection for the transom of the boat, or an additional swim platform, Carver's stern skirt may be a perfect fit for your needs!

Still have questions? We're happy to help - just give us a call at 866-626-8377 or contact us through Live Chat!