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Why does my Bimini top "sway" or feel unstable?

If you’ve installed your Bimini top and it doesn’t look quite right or maybe it seems a little unsteady, it may be related to the installation of your hold down straps or adjuster straps. The correct assembly of your frame and installed straps are crucial to make sure the top is performing at its best:

Bimini Top Installation Instructions

  1. The step-by-step instruction guide requires the hold down straps and the adjuster straps be installed in a certain manner while assembling the frame (described in Steps 4 and 5). This is a very important part of the process to ensure the top is secured to the boat properly and dependable for your outing.
  2. The hold down straps need to be tightened first. Once you’ve confirmed all straps are installed correctly, loosen the adjuster straps in the canvas, and tighten the hold down straps to remove any slack. The front straps should be adjusted evenly with each other, and the rear straps should be adjusted evenly with each other as well. The front and rear straps may not be adjusted down to the same length, depending on the size top chosen and your boat.
  3. After the hold down straps are tightened down accordingly, remove any remaining slack in the canvas with the adjuster straps.

At this point, your top should be sturdy and ready for your boating season! If you should still experience any issues with your Bimini top, please reach out to us with questions or concerns. We invite you to share any images or just feedback on your new top!