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Why should I purchase a Carver boat cover?

Carver Industries makes all of its products right here in the USA! This alone is reason enough to consider a Carver cover for your next boat cover purchase. Not only are their covers Made in the USA, they also obtain nearly all materials used in construction within the USA, down to the very thread used to construct the covers.

In this video, Clint Upchurch will tell you why Carver is the way to go!

Their boat covers all feature double stitched hems. You will never see a raw edge on a cover that is made by Carver Industries. Custom covers are reinforced at areas that may experience premature wear, such as consoles, trolling motors, etc.

All* Carver covers for boats with outboard motors will come with a free attached or separate motor cover. Custom covers are made to fit your boat perfectly, and come with heavy duty quarter inch draw rope sewn into them, for the snuggest fit possible.

Above all, Carver Industries bottom line is customer satisfaction. This is how their business has been a success for over 30 years now- listening to the customer.

Do you have feedback about a Carver cover you have owned? Please share it with us! We would leave to hear your story.