Category: Fan Stories

Ron’s Covers and Hurricane Florence

Susan J

When the weather meteorologists start to warn us of a hurricane, our first instinct is to ask ourselves the question:  How can we prepare? If you are near the coast or in the direct path, you may start purchasing items to secure your home. In addition to worrying about your home, you also must think… Read more »

Carver Kayak Covers – A Fan Favorite

Susan J

We sure do love getting feedback from our customers! Here is one customer’s picture and testimonial concerning his Fishing Kayak Cover purchase: I am truly happy with the cover I bought for my Predator PDL Kayak. I did 1100 miles round trip with it, had snow and sleet, then ice all over my cover and… Read more »

Carver Boat Cover for an Alumacraft 1448

Susan J

Let me introduce a SunDura, Styled-to-Fit Carver Boat Cover, installed on a 1448 Alumacraft. This is a perfect example of our Semi-Custom covers that are made to fit a specific length and beam width for a certain style of boat. Carver Boat Covers are made in Landrum, SC and feature quality fabrics with superior manufacturing… Read more »