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Carver Boat Cover for an Alumacraft 1448

Susan J

Let me introduce a SunDura, Styled-to-Fit Carver Boat Cover, installed on a 1448 Alumacraft. This is a perfect example of our Semi-Custom covers that are made to fit a specific length and beam width for a certain style of boat. Carver Boat Covers are made in Landrum, SC and feature quality fabrics with superior manufacturing… Read more »

Carver Over-the-Tower Covers

Susan J

You have asked for it, so we have made it! Let us introduce our new Over-the-Tower covers for deck boats and V-hull runabout boats. Both cover styles are made to go over the tower, covering the entire boat, protecting it from all elements of weather. Carver over-the-tower covers for the deck boat are designed to… Read more »

Tips on Keeping your boat cover clean and long lasting.

Susan J

So, you just bought a brand-new cover and you want to keep it nice and clean while extending the life of the cover. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best use out of your cover. Keep your cover free of any and all debris such as limbs, leaves and other… Read more »