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New Year’s Resolutions For Boat Lovers

Susan J

It seems like 2013 just got here and now we’re about to celebrate the arrival of 2014. Many people make those dreaded New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions of sticking to them. Two weeks into the New Year, they’re already broken. This year, make your resolutions easy to keep.

notebook paper with a blank list of resolutions

For all you boating fanatics, try incorporating the resolutions you make every year with your love of boating. Here are three ideas to get you started.

family on a pontoon boat riding down the lake

(Image by Maveric21)

Spending Time

I think one of the most popular resolutions is the promise to spend more time with family and friends. Nobody said HOW that time has to be spent. Invite your family for a day on the water or catch up with an old buddy by spending the day fishing. You’re actually killing two birds with one stone—you get to spend quality time with your family AND with your boat!

2 children and father in boat learning to fish

(Image courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife, Flickr)

Pass on Your Wisdom

Let’s face it. It’s our duty to pass on useful skills to the next generation. Make one of your resolutions to teach a kid to fish! Fishing cultivates patience, provides inexpensive entertainment, and creates great memories for both you and your “understudy”, not to mention it gives you a good excuse to fish. Not only do kids enjoy honing their fishing skills, it gives you an opportunity to teach them other valuable lessons as well. Incorporate boating and safety skills as well as terminology on your trip. For tips on fishing with kids, visit

boat cover on boat that is covered in snow

Take Better Care of Your Belongings

Were you the type of kid who was constantly reminded to “Clean your room!” or “Put your toys away or they will end up in the trash!”? Have your childhood habits carried over to your adult days? Make 2014 the year for change.

You’ve made the decision to purchase a boat, but now all it’s doing is filling up with water every time it rains. Your upholstery and gauges are crusty. It’s not too late! Make sure you are covering your boat with a quality cover that will protect your investment! At Boat Covers Direct®, we can provide you with just that. Visit our website at for more information.

man driving boat on lake with Bimini top up

Take Better Care of YOU

While we’re on the topic of taking care, be sure not to neglect yourself. Make sure to spend as much time this year doing whatever it is that makes you happiest—whether that is boating, fishing, spending time with family and friends or a combination of all of these! While you’re on the water, make sure to take care of you. Use sunscreen. Stay hydrated. Maybe even install a Bimini top on your boat to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Contact us at 1-866-626-8377 to find out more about Carver Bimini Tops for your boat.

Best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy New Year!

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