Can't find your bimini?
Can't find your bimini?


Bimini Boat Tops Available from Carver or Westland

All in-stock boat tops will ship the same day if ordered before 3:00 PM EST Mon - Fri.
Carver Bimini Top on Boat
Carver Industries
Westland Bimini Top on Mastercraft Boat
Westland Covers

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Inside Covers Direct

We're happy to show you behind the scenes with our knowledgeable customer service team at work and our warehouse of in-stock inventory located in Chesnee, SC.

About Carver and Westland

Covers Direct offers tops by two manufacturers, Carver and Westland. Bimini boat tops are available in multiple materials. 

Carver Biminis

Carver Boat Tops are made in the USA in Landrum, SC. Many sizes are in stock and ready to ship today. Frames are available in aluminum or stainless steel, and fittings are available in either nylon or stainless. Canvases come in Vinyl, Sun-DURA, Sunbrella or Poly-Guard. Carver has tops specific for pontoons, boats with towers, and Super Sport Specialty tops.

Sun-DURA by Carver

Sun-Dura is 100% solution dyed polyester. It’s available in 9 vibrant colors. Sun-DURA is specifically made to resist fading, which is very important as your top will be exposed to sun much of the time. In addition, Sun-Dura is also extremely water repellent and UV resistant. This material has a 7 year warranty.

Sunbrella® by Carver

Sunbrella Acrylic is 100% Acrylic fabric which is solution-dyed and weighs 9.25 oz per square yard.

Sunbrella has long been considered the premier material of the marine industry. It's available in almost any color you may desire. Sunbrella features 98% complete sun block, and it is also water repellent, breathable and mildew resistant. Sunbrella Boat tops come with a 10 year warranty.

Performance Poly-Guard by Carver

Poly-Guard is 100% marine-grade polyester and it weighs 8 oz per square yard. Poly-Guard is a more economical option than the Sunbrella, but shares many of the same features, including the fact that it's all USA Made. This material is highly water repellent and UV resistant. Poly-Guard is available in 12 colors. Biminis in this material are warrantied for 5 years.

Vinyl by Carver

White Vinyl is our heaviest fabric at 14 oz per square yard. It is considered weatherproof, and is an extremely heavy-duty option for a top material. It offers excellent water repellency and UV resistance. White Vinyl boat tops come with a 5 year warranty.

Westland Biminis

Westland Tops are available in Sharkskin or Sunbrella and come in many different colors. If you don’t know what size you need, that’s okay because Westland has many sizes already applied to boats. Many of the most popular sizes are already in stock and, if not, they can be made and shipped quickly within 5 business days.

Sunbrella® by Westland

Sunbrella® is 100% Acrylic and weighs 9.25 oz per square yard.  It's water repellent, breathable, and UV resistant. 

Sunbrella® is available in 12 colors, and it has a 10 year warranty.

Sharkskin Plus by Westland

Sharkskin Plus is the lightest material we offer at 6.5 oz per square yard. It is an acrylic-coated polyester, which can be described as light in weight but very durable. Sharkskin Plus is very water and UV resistant. This material has a 5 year warranty.

Measuring for Your Bimini Boat Top

If we do not have a specific size top applied to your boat, no worries. You can easily measure your boat to determine the size you need, and it will only take a few minutes.

First, you should decide where you are going to mount your top. Canvases come in different lengths, the most common being 6'. Decide where you want that coverage, and then find the midpoint of that area (with a 6' top, you will have 3' of coverage in front of and behind your main mounting point). You can then measure the width between the main mounting points on either side of the boat. Keep in mind that our tops come with the hardware needed to mount them on virtually any surface or angle- including on the inside or outside of the boat, on the top of the gunnell, or even on a rail.

Once you have determined the width between the points where the top will mount to the boat, you should measure from that point straight up to determine the height you need. Many people order the tops so they are tall enough to stand under, but some people like them short enough so they can be in the shade while sitting. There is no right or wrong height Boat top-that all depends on your preference.

If you have questions about measuring, watch one of our videos on how to measure for your top, or give us a call. We are always happy to help you!

*Mossy Oak is a trademark used under license from Haas Outdoors, Inc. by Carver Industries, Inc.

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