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Top Excuses For Boating Instead of Going to Work or School


For every ill-timed boating adventure, there's a plausible excuse

Before we get ourselves (or you) in to trouble, we should clarify up front that going to school and going to work are both good things that we highly encourage. However, sometimes life, ideal weather conditions or other factors might lead you to, well, pursue various boating activities instead.

So, if you ever find yourself in a tough spot trying to explain why it is you’ve “accidentally” ended up where you are (in your boat on the water) instead of where you’re supposed to be (at school or work), here are 3 situational tips that might help you get out of hot water (pun intended):

#1: Caught in the air behind your boat instead of at school...

Let’s say you and your buddies hit the water for an early sunrise session to master a few new wakeboarding jumps while getting some epic photos and videos. The conditions are so perfect that your early morning session goes a bit longer than expected… like a full day or two. Somehow, word gets back to the authoritarian regime known as the “school administration” that you’ve been spotted 6 feet in the air upside down while being pulled behind your boat.

What do you do? What the “fun doctor” told you, of course. The only cure to what’s ailing you is air. Big, gnarly fresh air.

wakeboarder doing a flip in the air with the sun setting behind him

#2: Caught offshore on your boat instead of at college...

Let’s say you find yourself a few miles offshore on your boat with a large sailfish on the other end of your line on the same day that you were supposed to be hitting the books at college. Your bio and engineering professors catch wind of your little trip and ask you about your priorities.

What do you do? Simple: tell them about your hands-on school lesson that you took the initiative to create all on your own. Also, let them know that they should be smart enough to reward your innovative approach to education with an extra A+ test score. They’ll understand.

two people in a boat holding a large sailfish

#3: Caught racing your boat rather than working...

Let’s say your company has some big clients to check in on before the weekend to make sure they’re happy. The boss sends you, “The Rainmaker,” to check in on the VIP’s. Being the overachiever that you are, you rock your work schedule in a quarter of the time it would have taken most mortal humans and decide that the remainder of your time would be better spent on the open water in your Donzi (with or without a prospective client aboard). The boss calls you to check in just as you’re about to blow past a small scrap of competition, and you accidentally take the call rather than letting it go to voicemail.

What do you do? Well, remember that one penny-pinching client with all the old office equipment? They simply refuse to get a new fax machine, despite the fact that it sounds eerily similar to a 430 hp V8 at full throttle. The boss will appreciate the sacrifices that you make for the company.

Performance boats side by side on the water

What excuses have you used when caught boating? What’s the best adventure you’ve ever had on the open water when you were supposed to be somewhere else? Leave a comment to let us know!

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