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What Kind of Pontoon Boater are YOU?


We offer several options in pontoon Bimini tops.  All are great tops and all will achieve your desired end, which is to get a top on your boat and get out of the sun. How do you know which one is right for you?  The answer to that question depends on several factors including the type of boat you have, your intended use, and your personality.  Personality, really?  Let’s have a little fun with explaining the types of pontoon tops that we offer and see where YOU fit.

The Traditionalist

You just want a regular top.  Most pontoons take a top that is 48” high, 8’ long, and fits mounting widths between 91 and 96”.  We stock popular sizes in round tube Bimini tops and square tube Bimini tops.  Having stock means we can ship your top the same day that you order, and you don’t have to wait.


Now, just because you are traditional and just want a regular 4 bow top, that doesn’t mean that you stop having options.  You can customize your top according to material and color.  We also offer other sizes including 9’ and 10’ lengths, and even 54” heights.

Need a light cut-out on your pontoon Bimini top?  You guessed it—we have that too.

light cut out

The Conservationist

You have a frame that is still nice and you just want to replace your canvas.  No problem.  We have a replacement canvas that’s very easy to use with your existing frame.  Zippers make installation easy.  Worried about the fit?  Don’t be—our canvas fits snugly, like the original.  In these, we offer 8, 9, or 10’ lengths and heights of 48 or 54”.

bimini top

The Innovator

You want the best, newest thing out there.  You like technology.  You want the PWR-ARM.  New for 2014, we offer this fully automatic, genius Bimini top.  Simply press a button to raise or lower your top.  Nifty, huh?  Let’s say you like technology, but you’re not the most mechanically inclined person in the world.  No worries—installation is easy.  If you ever did get stumped with installation any of our products, call us, and we’ll walk you through it.

red automatic bimini in the radar position

The Survivalist

You spend your time preparing for the worst and expecting the best.  We have the top for you.  Our double Bimini top provides a full 16’ of coverage, allowing you to cover the majority of your passengers.  Make sure you are always protected with a double pontoon Bimini top.

doubletop pontoon

The Perfectionist

If you’re a perfectionist, and most of our loyal customers are, you just need a Carver top, it doesn’t even matter which one.  All of the tops pictured and described above are made by Carver in the USA.  Carver makes a solid product, nothing flimsy about it.  Unlike so many of their competitors, they don’t skimp on quality to save a few bucks.  Only the best components are used, and each top is painstakingly crafted in Landrum, SC.

pontoon boat

Ready to Learn More?

Now that you know a little about our product, click on any of the links above to learn more.  Want to talk it through with someone who lives and breathes pontoon Bimini tops on a daily basis?  Just call us or live chat. We love making sure that our customers not only have the top that they need, but that they get the exact top that they want.

No matter what kind of pontoon boater you are, we are sure you want to protect your boat with a quality cover! Check out our pontoon boat covers here.

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