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An engineering feat, pontoons have been around since ancient history, and their use is often described in ancient pontoon bridges. Surprisingly, it has only been in modern history that people started using pontoons for boats. In the 1950s, people began using 55-gallon drums for floatation, and started combining them to create long pontoons. Once those pontoons were attached to a deck, modern pontoon boating entered its infancy.

Today, pontoons serve as the base for incredibly stable boats, and for many people they are the boat of choice when they get out on the water. Wishing to extend the life of their pontoon boat, owners protect them with pontoon boat covers from

CoversDirect® offers pontoon covers made by Carver Industries, the leading manufacturer of boat covers in the USA. Carver designed and engineers all of their covers in Landrum, SC and production takes place in their state of the art manufacturing facilities. The covers fit closely to your pontoon boat, protecting it from the elements. There is shock cord sewn into the hem, like a bungee, which will snug under the deck. The weather-resistant fabrics are breathable, keeping mold and vapors from building up underneath. Our covers can be used for mooring, storage, and trailering.

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