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Replacement Bimini Top Canvas for Square Tube Pontoon Biminis with 4 Bows

Replacing your Bimini tops worn out fabric can be a hassle. Unless you know who made the top originally, it's sometimes hard to ensure that another manufacturers canvas will fit your existing frame. Even if you know the manufacturer of the Bimini, many times they may be out of business.

Carver Industries has taken the guess work out of it, and they've made it easy to get a new canvas for your pontoon Bimini top frame! Their replacement canvas is a special product which is made with larger sleeves for the bows to ensure that it will fit nicely onto your frame. Unlike other replacement canvases (which are usually more generic), it won't fit sloppily, and it will stay securely in place.

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Need a 3 Bow Round Tube Bimini Replacement Canvas?

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Step 1:

  • Please Note:
    Our replacement canvases are designed to only fit 8', 9', and 10' lengths. If you have a canvas/frame that does not measure to this exact length, please call us and we will be glad to answer any questions.
  • Replacement canvas only, storage boot sold separately
Bimini Size

Step 2:

Replacement Bimini Top Canvas for Square Tube Pontoon Biminis with 4 Bows9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic Image

Jet Black

Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic

Sunbrella® / Outdura® Fabric

Premium 100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz. Fabric utilizing either Sunbrella® or Outdura®. Both fabric brands are considered to be industry leading solutions for the marine industry with competitive quality, performance and value. Both are highly UV and mildew resistant, providing excellent resistance to fading and rot, excellent (top of the line) sun blockage, breathability, and water repellency. We reserve the right to provide either fabric due to Covid related fabric outages. Sunbrella® is Made in the USA and imported. Outdura® is Made in USA. (10 Year Limited Warranty on Sunbrella® and Outdura®)

Selected: 8' Long, 48" High, 96" to 102" Wide
Replacement Bimini Top Canvas for Square Tube Pontoon Biminis with 4 Bows7 oz. Sun-DURA Image



Excellent Water-Repellency

Sun-DURA® is a 100% marine grade polyester fabric which is made in the USA. This material was specifically developed to provide superior water repellency and UV resistance, and it is a Carver Industries exclusive. Sun-Dura™ is our most popular boat cover material, and because it is so water repellent, it makes a great choice for areas which receive a lot of rain. It is also a solution dyed material, which means that its dye is inherent to the cover's fibers, causing it to be exceptionally fade resistant. Sun-DURA® weighs 7 oz per yard, and has a 7 year warranty. Made in USA and Imported.

Selected: 8' Long, 48" High, 96" to 102" Wide
Replacement Bimini Top Canvas for Square Tube Pontoon Biminis with 4 Bows8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard Image

Haze Gray

Performance Poly-Guard®

Best for Breathability, Durable

Poly-Guard is a USA made 100% marine grade polyester material. It features excellent resistance to fading and will provide users with great UV protection. Poly-Guard is both water repellent and resistant to mold and mildew. This material weighs 8 ounces per yard, making it easy to handle and store. We have offered this fabric for many years, and it has an excellent reputation for longevity. Poly-Guard is a great choice for the boater who needs full protection but does not require a vibrant color option. This material offers the highest tear strength available and is warrantied for 5 years.

Selected: 8' Long, 48" High, 96" to 102" Wide
Replacement Bimini Top Canvas for Square Tube Pontoon Biminis with 4 BowsSunbrella - Special Order Image


Sunbrella® - Special Order

Sunbrella® has been considered among the best in the marine industry for decades, and it is made from 100% acrylic fibers. The color is applied to these acrylic fibers using a solution dyed process which locks the pigment into the fabric, so your canvas won't lose its color or fade over the years. Sunbrella will provide an almost a complete UV "block", keeping boaters safe from penetrating rays. You won't find a better material for intense sun than a solution dyed acrylic. For these reasons and more, it has always been the most popular choice for a Bimini top canvas. This material comes with a 10 year warranty.

Selected: 8' Long, 48" High, 96" to 102" Wide


Pontoon Bimini Replacement Boot

Need to replace your bimini boot? Checkout our selection from Carver.

Carver Bimini Top Brace

We have braces in case you need them for your bimini top.

Bimini Top Replacement Hold-Down Strap

Replacing your canvas? Do you also need hold down straps?

More About Carver's Replacement Canvases

Carver uses the same features on this product that they do on their custom made bimini top canvases. With some canvases, you have to remove your frame from the boat to install them. This one has zippered sleeves so it goes on easily and quickly. It comes off just as smoothly, so you can pack it up for storage when you aren't using the boat. The canvas also has a cut out for a running light.

This replacement canvas is made to fit a large variety of manufacturer's 4 bow square tube pontoon bimini top frames. We offer the replacement fabric in lengths of 8, 9, or 10'. Canvases are offered in various materials and colors to choose from, each finished with black trim. To measure your existing bimini and determine which size you need, put your frame in the open position, and measure the length of the frame from the front of the front bow to the back of the back bow. This canvas is made to fit on a frame with a tubing diameter of either 1 or 1.25". It's made for a bimini that mounts at widths of up to 102”, and for a height of 48".

If you have any questions about our pontoon bimini top replacement canvas, please feel free to call us, email, or do a live chat. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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If you need a replacement canvas or boot for a Bimini on a boat other than a pontoon, we can probably help you there too- just give us a call at 1-866-626-8377.