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Pontoon boating is all about relaxation and enjoyment. Do you enjoy having to put your Bimini top up and down every time the sun goes down or you encounter a bridge that isn't tall enough? Most of us consider this a hassle and would love to have another, more automatic option. A pontoon PWR-ARM Bimini top offers you that easy automatic option you have been looking for. By simply pushing a button, you can take your bimini top from the up and open position, to the radar position, to the full down position.

PWR-ARM (pronounced "Power Arm") Bimini tops can be added to almost any pontoon or deck boat, and they are easily installed. These Bimini tops come in a 51" height from the mounting location, 10' length from front to back, and will work on boats 92" to 102" wide. Color options include Grey, Navy, Pacific Blue, Burgundy, Black, Dark Grey, Beige, and Green. The top comes standard with a helm mounted toggle switch which allows for easy operation.

This is currently the only fully automatic Bimini top on the market today. With the simple push of a button, you can go from sitting in the shade to soaking up the sun. PWR-ARM Bimini tops are helping to put the pleasure back into pleasure boating! Add enjoyment to your boating experience by ordering your PWR-ARM Bimini top today. As always, shipping is free, and we guarantee the lowest price.

All PWR-ARM components come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.



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PWR-ARM Fabric


Replacement Canvas

Replacement Canvas and Storage Boot Colors for the PWR-ARM II $250.00

Replacement Canvas with Storage Boot

Remote Key Fob

PWR Arm Remote $50.00

Replacement remote for PWR Arm

RF Receiver and Remote

PWR Arm Remote $125.00

RF Receiver and Remote Kit

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PWR-ARM II Demonstration

PWR-ARM II Features and Benefits

Installing the PWR-ARM II