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Top 5 Boating Gifts For ANY Boater


Need Gifts for a Boater In Your Life? We've Got Some Ideas...

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance someone close to you is REALLY into boating. Hey, we get it. Being on the water is an addiction, and it’s a lot healthier than some of the other addictions a person can have, so cut ’em some slack!

3 Types of Boaters

There are basically three types of boaters out there:

  1. Fishing – Whether its inshore or offshore fishing, these folks are on the water to catch the big one. 
  2. Water Sports – Skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, etc, these folks live to shred water and get their adrenaline pumping. 
  3. Family Boating – These folks appreciate how water brings family together and love loading up the boat with as many family members as possible to make smiles and great memories.

Each of these three “types” has their own unique Top-5 Boating Gifts (listed below) since their interests are each unique. For instance, if you give a wakeboard to a fisherman, they’ll probably use it to clean fish on, whereas a wakeboarder might use a fishing pole gift as a tow line (with some really high pound test).

These folks are on the water for different reasons, so make sure you understand their passions and get them a gift to match!

Top 5 Boating Gifts For A Fisherman (or Woman)

Here are the Top-5 Boating Gifts for a person who LOVES to fish:

  1. Give them X-ray vision with a good Fish Finder, like this Hummingbird wrist mount fish finder over on Amazon.
  2. “Dear, could you please gut and filet those stinking fish right in the middle of our clean kitchen?” are not words that you’ll ever hear spoken from the spouse of a fisherman. A Portable Fish Cleaning Station like this one on Amazon makes cleaning fish (outside the home) a snap. Pair up this gift with Cut Resistant Filet Gloves and you’ll also help your fishing friend/family member avoid potential injuries while they’re cleaning their fish too (these two gifts might just save a marriage).
  3. Marine Binoculars (like these Bushnells) let them take a peak way into the distance to see what’s happening in the next cove.
  4. Even if a lure is properly attached to a pole and stored, it’s still easy for a child, pet or even an adult to have a painful experience via those exposed hooks. Inexpensive and easy to attach, Lure Wraps (like these ones) eliminate that risk.
  5. Tired of hearing complaints about that nasty old tackle box that holds water and ruins lures? Get ’em a Hydro Flow Tackle Bag. Also consider throwing in:
    • A pair of Floating Pliers (so they never lose theirs in the water again), and/or
    • LED Cap Lights that easily attach to a baseball cap to make packing up or breaking down the boat at night a breeze.  

Give any or all of these gifts, and you’ll have one very happy fisherman/woman on your hands!  

two fishermen on a boat enjoying the lake on a nice day

Top 5 Boating Gifts For A Water Sports Enthusiast

Here are the Top-5 Boating Gifts for a person who lives to shred water behind their boat:

*In our opinion, this is the trickiest of the three groups to shop for since each water sport is unique and people have preferences for different brands within their preferred sport. If you know the exact brand and type of sports equipment that your “giftee” wants, then go with that brand!

  1. A Wakeboard Package (like this one from BoardStop) is sure to be a big hit (just find out the brand they like by looking at the board/s they already have). Shopping for a kneeboarder, water or slalom skier? Play it safe and let them pick out exactly what they want via an Overton’s Gift Card and let them pick out their own skis or kneeboard.
  2. As you may know, water and smart phones (or tablets) don’t play well together. Get them a Dry Case to safely store their electronic devices while they’re on the water.  
  3. Marine Sound System like this one from Wet Sounds Marine to help stay in the zone when they’re towing their buddies behind the boat.
  4. Everybody loves Reef Sandals and you really can’t have too many pairs.
  5. Nope, they won’t turn you into James Bond, but they will make you look and feel cool: Spy Sunglasses are awesome for water sports enthusiasts.

man wakeboarding behind a blue and white ski boat

Top 5 Boating Gifts For A Family Boater

Here are the Top-5 Boating Gifts for a person who lives to entertain family & friends on their boat:

  1. Boat Name Gear is huge for these folks. Shirts, towels, hats and other apparel they can bring aboard the fun boat will make them smile from ear to ear. 
  2. Stick the grandkids on a Tube or other Towable, and you’ve got hours of fun for the whole fam. Barts Water Sports has a great selection of towables.
  3. Just as with fisherman, any family boater can benefit from having a good set of Marine Binoculars aboard.
  4. Sperry Boating Clothes are sure to be a hit with the family boater, helping them look good and feel comfortable on and off the water.
  5. Shimano Marine Shoes make great footwear for lake cruising.


family enjoying a pontoon ride on a sunny day

Notice something missing from all three Top-5 Lists above? So do we! No matter what kind of boat they have or what they enjoy doing when they’re on the water, every boater LOVES their boat and wants to protect it.

So, if you know the type of boat they have and want to get them a high-quality Boat Cover, Bimini Top or other Boat Accessories as a gift, just give us a call at 1-866-626-8377, Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm EST. Mention this blog post and save 10% + get free shipping on your order! 

Happy Boating! 

photo of a marina with many boats with covers


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