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Boat Covers Shipped to Canada

Boat Covers Direct® ships covers to Canada on a daily basis, and we have thousands of satisfied Canadian customers! Shipping methods include UPS and Fed Ex. Not only will your shipment arrive within a quick 2-3 days, but all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are prepaid, meaning the USD price you see listed on our site is the bottom line! We are happy to ship to all provinces including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, etc. All of our packages are sent with insurance and tracking. In Stock covers will ship same day if ordered before 1 PM Eastern.

Read more about our Canadian shipping policy.

We offer boat covers made by Carver Industries. They are offered in a variety of materials. The best boat cover choices for Canada would include Sun-DURA boat covers as it is a highly water repellent material which will work very well for the rain and the colder weather received in Canada.

For large snow loads or intense rain, we recommend using boat cover support poles or a support system. These will ensure that water or snow do not pool on the cover. Allowing moisture to sit on a cover is the fastest way to break the material down. A support pole works by tenting the cover in the area where it is installed. You can buy multiple support poles and install them throughout the boat so the cover doesn't have any low spots.

A support system is a little better way of tenting the cover since it will support the boat throughout its entire length rather than just in one area. A support system consists of a pole that goes in the middle of the cover, and straps that come out of the pole at the front and the rear. The front strap is made to cradle the bow of the boat and the back straps are made to clip to your cleats. This will allow you to support the cover throughout the whole boat's length- creating an upside down v on its interior and allowing water to run off easily.

Another accessory that will aid in the use of a boat cover is a tie down kit, which is included with the cover. A tie down kit will actually work in tandem with a support system or pole. A pole/system will pull the cover up so it's tented in the middle. A tie down kit will pull the cover down on the sides so all the material is nice and tight. The tie down kit includes 12 black polypropylene straps with quick release buckles. You should install these throughout the cover, running the straps through the loops which are sewn into its hem. As a rule, 4 straps on each side, 2 in the front and 2 in the back will be plenty for a boat up to 23 feet.

If your boat is moored on one of Canada's beautiful lakes, our suction cup tie downs will be an alternative to our standard straps. These work by affixing to the loops sewn into the hem of the cover, then suctioning to the side of the boat. The suction cup tie downs are made to work the same as the regular tie down kit. The only difference is that they will suction to the boat instead of looping around the trailer's legs. These work for mooring in addition to storage on a lift, or wherever there is no anchor point for your strap.

Canadian orders can be placed on our website, via Live Chat, or over the phone. Please feel free to give us a call with questions or concerns.