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How our Cover Fits a Boat with a Hard Top or a T-Top

Carver hard top boat cover on a hard top boat

At Boat Covers Direct®, we are proud to cover the entire boat with our cover, including the t-top or hard top. Many of our customers ask how these covers fit. The short answer is that they fit very well, taking into account the special features these types of boats often have. Carver Industries has designed the cover to accommodate VHF antennas, outrigger mounts, GPS and even rod holders.

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To Protect your Boat and all of its Accessories, Each Carver Cover Features:

Included with your purchase are two support poles. These poles should be spaced equally into your rod holders. These poles are designed specifically to keep weight and pressure off of the antennas.

If VHF antennas or collapsible light poles are mounted on your boat, fold them down to the rear before applying your boat cover. As you put the cover on, roll the cover between the antennas. After you spread the cover over the support poles, locate and open the antenna sleeve.

Each cover has a dual zippered entry on both the port and starboard sides of the boat. During installation, make sure the zippers are closed (you'll have a much easier time).

Attach the sewn in bow strap to the bow eye.

Each hard top or t-top boat cover comes with a rope rachet. This rachet is used for tightening the draw rope that is in the hem of the cover in order to make the cover secure.

A reinforcement kit is included with every hard top or t-top boat cover purchase for added protection at sharp areas and stress points. Simply cut the material to size, peel the backing off, and stick it on the inside of the cover wherever you need extra reinforcement.

Tie down straps make storage easier, allowing you to secure your boat cover. Included are 12 black straps with quick release buckles.

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