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Bimini Tops By Size

How to Measure Bimini Dimensions

Our bimini top make / model application selector is guaranteed to fit and thus does not require measurements. However, if your boat is not listed on our site then finding a great fit is still fast and easy. Just measure the length, width, and height of your top using the following instructions and then select a bimini top by dimensions.

If you get stuck at any step or have a special situation then call, email or chat with us. We will be glad to assist you.

Bimini Tops Length, Width, Height Diagram


First, determine what area of your boat you want the top to shade and cover.

A boat top's length runs from the front of the boat to back (bow to stern in boat lingo) and tops come in 5', 5'6", 6', 8' and 9' lengths. The most common length runs six feet long.

Note: 8' and 9' lengths are typicially reserved for larger pontoon biminis and 5' are commonly for ski boats like Malibu or CorrectCraft. Also, if you're looking specifically for a top that clamps onto a ski tower then head on over to our universal tower bimini page.


Find the midpoint of that area and this will determine your main mount points. As an example, on a 6' top you will have 3 feet of coverage in front of and behind your main mounting point. Now, measure the distance between the main mounting points on either side rail (port and starboard) of the boat to get your width.


Finally, stand inside your boat and measure from the mounting points (not the floor) up to the desired overhead position of the bimini top. This will determine the bimini top height relative to the mounting point.

Some people want to be able stand under their Bimini as this is how they drive their boat. Others would like to enjoy shade while seated. Simply measure to the height that will work best for you. Remember, you will have less shade as you go up in height.

Westland Bimini Tops Dimensions Diagram Diagram of typical top and the relevant dimensional points. Note: the solid black lines are straps.
About Mounting Points and Hardware

The top comes standard with 90 degree deck hinges for mounting on flat surfaces. However, hardware is available to mount on virtually any surface or angle - including on the inside or outside of the boat, on the top of the gunnell, on inflatable boats, or even on a rail.

Or, watch the pros demonstrate

Measuring Instructions

A short (1 and a half minute) video from Carver Industries describing how to measure your boat for a new top