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Boat Covers for Mooring or Storage

A boat trailored with a boat coverBoat Covers for Mooring or Storage

Any boat cover sold by Boat Covers Direct® can be used for mooring or storage. All of our fabrics offer excellent protection from weather and environmental elements.

If you are storing your boat on a trailer, the shock cord (this can be likened to a stretchy bungee) in the hem of the cover will adequately secure the cover. For extra stability outside, a tie down kit can be used to secure the cover to the trailer. Tie down kits are easier to manipulate than the rope that comes standard with every one of our boat covers (tie down kits have quick release buckles that make application a snap!)

The boat covers sold by Boat Covers Direct® are not traditional mooring covers in that they do not have snaps for fastening. The shock cord in the hem of our covers provides sufficient tension to hold the cover on in many cases. However, you may wish to provide extra security for your cover. Some customers use mooring bags tied to the loops sewn into the hem of the boat cover to help the boat cover stay in place. An alternative would be to use suction cups fastened to the tie down loops.

When using our boat covers for storage or mooring, support poles will be important to prolong the life of your boat cover. When a boat cover is not supported adequately, water will tend to pool in the cover. This water will stress the boat cover. Eventually, tearing or ripping can occur. When a boat cover is supported with one or two of our boat cover support poles, water will run off of the boat cover.

For more information about mooring or storage boat covers, please contact us at or toll free at (855) 701-7017. We are glad to help!