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Carver Industries Goes Green

CoversDirect® offers boat covers by multiple manufacturers, including Carver Industries. In business for over 20 years, Carver is constantly looking for ways to provide better customer service and improve their manufacturing process.

Carver Industries recently took on an initiative to “go green”. They believe that preserving the environment is vital for both boaters and the future generation, which is why they have committed themselves to processes that reduce waste and have less of an impact on the environment.

They are doing this by recycling excess fabric. When a boat cover is manufactured, there are many scraps of material that are usually thrown away due to their odd size. Carver now recycles 90% of all their cutting waste. This reduces the amount of fabric sent to landfills and ultimately makes for a greener planet. In addition, Carver recycles 100% of their received packaging materials. Finally, Carver urges its employees to follow suit by employing the same types of practices in the home.

Always an industry leader in boat covers, Carver hopes to influence other manufacturers to follow their lead, and help make a greener tomorrow for all of us.

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