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Pet Safety on the Water

If you are ever at Lake Greenwood any July day, you will see boaters on the lake by the dozen. Everyone is having a great time with their friends, families, and their beloved canine companions. Most kids have on lifejackets. Some adults, too.

One thing I don't quite understand is, why would someone who cares for a dog (most of the time, like a child) not have a lifejacket for their pet? I know that I have always heard that dogs were excellent swimmers. Most of the time that is true, but what if they got tired? What if the dog had some type of injury that would make them not be able to swim? I don't think I would take that chance!

Water safety for pets is very important and should be taken into consideration in any event, whether it be on the lake or near a swimming pool, etc. You should make sure the vest that you purchase for your pet is brightly colored, so you could spot the pet easily in the water. Also, it should have handles on it so retrieving it will be easier. A wet dog is a heavy dog! Lastly, you should always make sure the vest fits properly.

If your pet loves boating or just hanging out with you and your family, please make sure they wear a lifejacket. You may think it looks silly, but it will provide your pet with an extra measure of safety to ensure he/she will be around for a long time!