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Shrink Wrap vs. Boat Cover

As winter approaches, boat owners struggle with the same question year after year- shrink wrap or boat cover? Upon researching these two options, I discovered that the opinions on this debate are all over the place and that both methods have their pro's and con's.

Shrink Wrap

With shrink wrapping, each scenario is different. You will pay every year to shrink wrap your boat and the price depends on the length and type of boat you have. Shrink wrapping may be less expensive than a quality custom cover or even a semi custom cover, but you must consider the fact that you will be paying for this each season.

Another fact to consider is that when applied correctly, shrink wrap is waterproof. This is great because it ensures rain does not enter the cover. However, this also makes the shrink wrap non breathable, meaning that if any moisture is under the cover, it is trapped there. This can cause mold and mildew, which have the ability to severely damage your boat if not taken care of properly. If you choose shrink wrap, you should make sure vents are installed to allow proper breathability.

Boat Cover

The major advantage of having a boat cover is that you can use it season after season. It may be more of an investment than a single shrinkwrapping, but a good quality cover will last you for years to come. When the cover is tied down and supported properly, it will extend the life of your boat by allowing water and snow to run off properly. A nice cover will offer protection from the suns rays as well, keeping your boat looking shiny and new.

Another advantage to using a boat cover is they are generally made of breathable fabric that will allow any interior moisture to escape through the cover. For example, a Carver cover made from Performance Poly-Guard marine-grade polyester has the highest tear strength available, is breathable, and is highly water repellant. Also, if you're planning to sell your boat, having a good cover to offer will increase the selling price or at least “sweeten the deal”.

One thing is certain—you want to make sure your investment is protected! At CoversDirect® we offer a full line of high quality covers from Carver and Shoretex. Give us a call!