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What type of boat cover is best for my needs?

Do I need a Custom Boat Cover to obtain a Great Fit and Great Protection from the elements? What about for Trailering my Boat?

While a custom boat cover is a great choice, it is not necessary to obtain a great fit or great protection, and it is not necessary for trailering. Styled-to-Fit® covers are our most popular cover option. Even though these covers are not custom made to fit a particular boat, they are manufactured to fit a range of boats with a high degree of accuracy. Your boat's dimensions, shape, and specific characteristics are taken into consideration during the construction of our application guide. Our boat cover experts are specially trained to select a cover application that will both fit and flatter your boat. Our return rate is among the lowest in the industry. As the name sounds, our Styled-to-Fit® covers are styled and manufactured to fit your boat. Many boat owners report obtaining a fit that appears to be custom!

Styled-to-Fit® covers have shock cord in the hem. Shock cord can be likened to a stretchy bungee that encircles your boat and provides a snug fit. You will want to purchase a tie down kit to use during travel. These can be found under our accessories tab on our website.

Our Custom covers are made specifically to fit your exact model of boat. The boat is measured, and a pattern is constructed specifically for the boat. Because these covers are very precise, a custom boat cover will only fit the model and year for which it was intended. If we have a custom cover for your boat, it will appear first when you select your make and model of boat. If you do not see a custom cover for your boat, you can email us at, and we will be glad to check availability for you.

Most custom covers come with draw rope in the hem that exits at the stern of your boat. Once the custom cover is placed on the boat, the draw rope should be pulled to secure the cover. All custom cover material choices are trailerable provided you use our tie down kit.

Flex Fit Boat Covers are a popular alternative selected by those boat owners that simply want a cover to throw over their boat. These covers can be likened to a "shower cap". There is elastic in the hem, and the cover is contoured in a dome shape to provide general protection to your boat.

At Boat Covers Direct®, we are excited about our products, and we want you to be, too! We only use the finest quality materials in our construction, and our manufacturer is committed to excellence.

The true test for a boat cover retailer is not at the time of the sale, but after the fact, when the boat cover or Bimini Top has arrived at your door. Should you have any problems, we are here to help! Our customer service does not stop after the sale. We stand behind all of our products, and we sell with confidence!

For further information, please contact us via email at or toll free at (855) 701-7017.