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What Type of Trailering Laws Apply to My State?

Even though not all states require attending and passing a boating safety course, in some states, you could receive a discount on boat insurance if you do. There are only 9 states that do not have a mandatory boater education law including: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Alabama is the only state that requires boaters to have an actual boating license. America's Boating Course is a good and inexpensive way to become more knowledgeable of your states laws, regulations, and important boating safety along with the rules of the road.

Here in South Carolina, the maximum speed for towing your boat is 55 MPH. Although these speed limits are not posted on the highway, you are required to know this information and obey it. Safety chains, brake lights, taillights, clearance lights, license lights, turn signals, reflectors, and breakaway brakes are all required if you plan to trailer your boat. The maximum dimensions for trailering your boat are 48' in length, 102” wide, and 13'6” for the height. If you should need to trailer your boat and it is wider than 102”, there is a local phone number to contact for a permit to do so. You can find that number and other helpful information on:

Traveling to another state? Just check their trailering requirements before you begin your journey. The length of boat you can trailer with varies widely from state to state, for example North Dakota allows you to trailer a boat up to 60' long, whereas in Louisiana, you cannot trailer one longer than 30'. Looking for other states trailering laws; try these website's to find all 50 states rules and regulations for more information: // or