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Y-Strap Boat Cover Support Pole

Photo of Y-Strap Boat Cover Support CoversDirect® now offers a new "Y-Strap" Boat Cover Support System. The purpose of the support system is to eliminate any sagging areas in the cover which may allow water to pool. Supporting a cover is the best way to extend the life of your boat cover.

The system consists of the main support pole which is adjustable from 40-70", the system center and strap set. The system center will affix to the top of the pole. It features two pre-installed adjustable 20' long straps which snap to the rear tow hooks or cleats. The 40' long front strap is made to cradle the bow.

This will provide support which spans the length of the cover, unlike a standard support pole which concentrates the support in one area. The distribution of the support helps to ensure the cover will not experience premature wear. This support system is also much easier to install and use than a standard support pole.

This system will work for a boat up to 28' long. Two systems will be required for a pontoon boat. The two systems can be joined together to create a perfect frame for the cover.