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Hewitt Boat Lift Canopy Covers, Offered in Three Replacement Materials

Hewitt Boat Lifts are manufactured by a company out of Nicollet, Minnesota. Started in 1971, this family-owned and operated company builds long-lasting boat lifts out of top quality materials.

In fact, these boat lifts last long enough that the original material wears out long before the lift needs replacing. That's where we can help by offering economically priced canopy lift replacement covers that will fit custom to the Hewitt frame.

Available fabrics for Hewitt Boat Lifts

Our basic canopy lift replacement material is the Shelter-Rite Vinyl. This 18 oz. material is durable, UV, mold and mildew resistant. Available in Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Red, Tan, White, or Yellow, this Vinyl canopy has a smooth, matte appearance.

Hydrofend is made for strength, breathability and superior water repellency, being six times more water repellent than other untreated materials. This light-weight, 8 oz. solution-dyed polyester fabric has a coated underside with a matte woven exterior that is mold, mildew and cold weather resistant preventing cold cracks, fraying or damage. Proudly Made in the USA and available in 10 colors: tan, charcoal, gray, black, burgundy, red, bronze taupe, green, lakeshore blue, and navy blue.

Are you looking to withstand particularly harsh environmental conditions? It's true that you can do this with either the Hydrofend or Shelter-Rite Vinyl material. If you want the ultimate in protection, consider Recwater. This blend of solution dyed acrylic fibers and PVC coating yields a colorfast and waterproof fabric with unsurpassed fade resistance in your choice of seven colors: Black, Blue Tweed, Burgundy Tweed, Charcoal Tweed, Gray, Green Tweed and Linen Tweed.

Hewitt—Which type of frame do I choose?

Hewitt is the only manufacturer that we cover with three different types of frames. When we write “types of frames”, we're referring to frame shape, which can be flared, flat, or tower style. Most other manufacturers have several sizes available but stick with one frame shape for ease of manufacture.

If you have a Hewitt with flared ends, the sides of your frame will have a square profile as pictured.

To measure for your replacement cover, you'll need to measure from the frame's outside edge to the other outside edge, along the centerline, not measuring up and over the top. For the width, you'll need to measure from outside edge to outside edge.

Hewitt flared end replacement canopies are available in these sizes (for 20' and less, choose Hewitt (flat ends). Each one will provide a tight, tailored, custom fit to your existing frame.

If you have a Hewitt with flat ends, the top of your frame is most likely also peaked, as pictured.
Measuring is as easy as it is for the Hewitt with flared ends, and it works exactly the same.

Available custom sizes include:

Hewitt tower style frames have high arched sides and peaked centers. Measuring is similar to the other Hewitt frame styles, except we only offer canopies for 120" wide frames

Want your canopy quickly? We can help

Our replacement canopy lift covers by Shoretex are manufactured with perfect fit and quality in mind. Each cover is made in the USA and shipped directly to you from Minnesota. We'll have the product you expect in the quality you demand to you quickly, so you won't lose time protecting your boat and beautifying your dock.


Each canopy comes with step by step instructions making installation a breeze. Also, you can always call us toll free at (855) 701-7017 if you have any questions.

You can also look at our instruction online!