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Carver Boat Cover Support System

Our Support System is the easiest and most economical way to add years to the life of your cover. The system works to eliminate virtually all possible areas that could collect water and allow it to pool. The system consists of a pole which goes in the middle of the cover. Straps come out of the pole at the front and rear. The front strap is made to cradle your bow and the back straps are made to clip to your tow hooks at the stern. This will create an upside down "V" on the inside of the cover, allowing water to run off. Our system is made for boats up to 28' feet. For boats longer than 28', or pontoon boats, two systems can be joined together.


Boat Cover Support System


-40% $77.99



Carver Tie Down Kit

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Carver Sand Bag Mooring Kit

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Carver Bimini Top Hardware

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