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Shoretex Boat Lift Canopy Cubby Lift Loft

Keep your boat and dock clutter free for a more enjoyable boating experience! Our Canopy Cubby(also known as a Lift Loft) is the perfect way to provide protection from the elements to all your boating gear. Whether you have fishing gear or lake toys that you would like to store, the Canopy Cubby will not only get these items up and out of your way, it will also provide them with shelter from rain, wind, snow, and intense UV rays. Canopy Cubby's also work as excellent theft deterrents! The Canopy Cubby can handle loads up to 90 pounds.

This Lift Loft is super easy to install, and you can have it up within a matter of minutes. No tools are needed to add this to your canopy- this will attach using a heavy duty rope which is woven through the nickel plated grommets located on the perimeter of the cubby. The material it is made from is a breathable, coated mesh, which helps with air flow while providing excellent durability. Available in two different width options, both 60" deep, to fit most all boat lift canopies. We have these cubby's in-stock and ready to ship today! Call us with any questions at (855) 701-7017

Fits Boat Lifts with widths from 96" up to 108"


-20% $169.99


Fits Boat Lifts with widths from 110" up to 124"


-20% $177.99



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