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Tips for Mooring Your Boat

When mooring your boat, you need to protect it in order to extend its life. is a leading retailer of Carver boat covers and bimini tops that can help extend the life of your boat during mooring. Here, the company shares important information about mooring.

  1. When mooring your boat, clean and dry the bimini top and store it in its boot.
  2. Install a permanent mooring system in order to secure your boat for a long period. These systems should include a mushroom anchor with a weight of 5-10 times boat length; a heavy, galvanized chain in two weights (lighter on top, heavier on bottom); a buoy that will remain visible above the water; and a large-diameter, 3-strand nylon pendant that is about 2-1/2 times the freeboard.
  3. Use mooring covers rather than dry storage covers. Mooring boat covers are designed for use in wet storage, so they have to be extra durable in order to protect your boat from sun, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. The covers also need to be breathable to prevent mold, mildew, and vapor buildup.

Carver Industries has over 30 years experience in making mooring covers! Our covers have either shock cord or draw rope sewn into the hem. The cover will snug about 6" below your rubrail, and the cord or rope in the hem will ensure the cover stays snug around the boat. The cover will also have loops sewn into its hem one every 2-3 feet, which will allow you to secure the cover to the boat. When mooring we recommend use of our suction cup tie downs. provides durable mooring covers that protect your boat during wet storage. Select mooring covers and bimini tops for your boat.

Our newest find for mooring!

Our customers always ask us about how to secure their boat cover while mooring their boats. Besides the suction cup tie downs, we now offer mooring bags by Shoretex. These bags come in packs of 4 and are used with the existing tie down loops on your boat cover. Designed and engineered in Landrum, SC, these mooring bags are in stock and can ship the same day that you place your order!