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Caring for Your Sun-DURA Boat Cover

Boat with a Custom Carver Cover offers boat covers in an array of marine fabrics including breathable Sun-DURA boat covers, made from strong, durable, polyester fabric. The durability of the fabric used in Sun-DURA boat covers means it withstands harsh weather conditions including intense sunlight, rain, and hail. The fabric is also resistant to:

The lightweight fabric used in Sun-DURA boat covers also makes it quick and easy to install and remove. Likewise, the Sun-DURA boat covers have a long-life, particularly if you care for them correctly. To extend the life of your Sun-DURA boat cover:

  1. Order a cover in the appropriate size for your boat. Take into account towers, t-tops, and outboard motors when measuring and selecting a cover.
  2. Keep the cover clean and dry when you store it.
  3. Follow manufacturer's instructions for installation and removal.
  4. Do not used detergent based cleaners, which can damage water resistance.
  5. Discourage mildew development, ensuring there is sufficient air flow underneath the cover.
  6. Reinforce or repair the cover as necessary.

Maintaining your Sun-DURA boat cover is easy, and it pays off in years of protection for your boat. Find the Sun-DURA boat cover for your vessel.