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Boating Safety -

T-Top Only Console Cover

You want to keep your boat as safe as possible for you and your loved ones, and one of the best ways to do this is to ensure it is always in proper working order. While boat maintenance is very important to boating safety, so is proper protection of your boat's valuable electronic equipment. Even if you can't moor your boat under cover to protect your console and electronics from weather events that occur, you can still keep it safe with a t top only cover. These water-resistant, non-corrosive covers fit snugly over your t top, protecting the integrity of your console and electronics. Once you're certain you've kept your boat in good working order with proper maintenance and a t top only cover, you can make sure to follow other boating good safety practices, as well.

  1. Check local weather conditions before departing. If it looks like bad weather is coming in, get off the water.
  2. Don't operate your boat under the influence of alcohol, and operate at a safe speed.
  3. Bring someone else who also knows how to operate the boat along with you.
  4. Always tell someone else where you're going and how long you will be gone.
  5. Protect your family with lifejackets.
  6. Take a boating class.
  7. The US Coast Guard offers no-charge vessel safety checks to ensure your boat meets safety regulations. Take advantage of this service by contacting your local Coast Guard.

Keep your family safe on your boat. Follow proper safety procedures, obtain regular maintenance, and protect your boat with a t top only cover from Boat Covers Direct®. Find the perfect t top only cover for your boat.