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Tips for Trailering Your Boat -

Trailered Boat with Cover offers an array of Styled-to-Fit® boat covers to meet your needs including towing and trailering. Keeping your boat covered during towing is essential for maintaining it in excellent condition. That's why you need a trailerable boat cover which has special straps to keep the cover in place. Using a boat cover designed for towing will ensure your vessel is protected and your valuable cover doesn't wind up lying along the side of the road.

Along with using a trailerable boat cover, offers the following tips for preparing to tow your boat.

  1. Pay careful attention to the load and balance of your boat on the trailer, with approximately 60 percent of the boat's weight in the front and around 40 percent in the rear. Maintain side to side balance, as well.
  2. Secure the boat carefully with our tie down kit.
  3. Check the trailer's tires for proper inflation before towing. You should also check the towing vehicle's tires.
  4. Adjust side mirrors or add extended side mirrors to the towing vehicle so you can clearly see around the boat.
  5. Ensure the trailer's turn signal and brake lights work before towing, and double check the trailer brakes and hitch.

Ready to find a trailerable boat cover that stays on your boat when you tow it?