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Winter Boat Covers and Bimini Tops: Better Boat Winterization

Regardless of where you store your boat in the winter, you'll need to take steps to ensure it stays safe and undamaged until you're ready to get out on the water again. Here are some tips to get your boat ready for the winter.

  1. If you have a bimini top, remove it. Clean it, dry it, and store it securely in the boot until next boating season.
  2. Select a winter boat cover to protect your boat. Ideal winter boat covers fit tightly over your boat to protect it from elements, but are breathable enough that mildew does not build up.
  3. Clean and dry your boat completely before using winter boat covers.
  4. Fog the engine before storing following the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Drain inboard motors and add antifreeze. Use an outboard winterization kit for outboards.
  6. Drain fuel and then refill with fresh fuel and a stabilizer to protect fuel lines.
  7. Disconnect the batteries and store them someplace safe. Charge the batteries throughout the winter.
  8. Remove electronic devices and liquid filled gauges and store somewhere warm.
  9. Inspect the entire boat for damage and repair before storing for the winter.
  10. If the boat sits covered outdoors, keep cover clean and free of debris.

Failing to prepare your boat for winter storage can result in costly damage. supplies winter boat covers and bimini tops to keep your boat protected all winter long. To take the first step towards proper winter storage search for your custom boat cover.