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Covers for Boats with Hard Tops and T-tops: Tips for Better Boat Winterization

Hard Top Boat Cover

When boating season winds down, you'll need to protect it by winterizing. While using covers for your boat -- including those with hard tops and T tops -- remains essential, you'll need to take many other steps before covering your boat and storing it for the winter. Covers for boats with hard tops and t tops can keep your boat's exterior and deck protected from the winter, but what about the rest of the boat?

  1. The best place to store your boat during winter is out of the water and in covered storage. If you must store your boat outdoors, use our cover for boats with hard tops and t tops to keep it safe.
  2. Before storing, change the oil while the engine is warm. Change oil filters, flush the engine with water, and circulate antifreeze through the manifold.
  3. Winterize your stern drive by removing any barnacles or algae and inspecting for leaks. Repair leaks and grease all fittings.
  4. If you have an outboard, flush it. Disconnect it from the fuel line and drain all fuel from the carburetor. Lubricate pistons and cylinder walls.
  5. Clean and dry the bilges with soap and hot water. Lubricate with a moisture-replacing lubricant. Add a little antifreeze.
  6. Fill the fuel tank completely and add fuel stabilizer.
  7. Drain the hot water heater and fresh water tank. Add antifreeze into the system.
  8. Clean and drain head and add antifreeze.
  9. Remove valuables and electronics and store them some place safe.
  10. If storing your boat out of water, completely wash the hull, shafts, props, struts, and rudders. Inspect the hull and attend to any blisters.
  11. Remove the battery and keep it charged during the winter.

Once you've prepared your boat for storage, cover it completely with a boat cover for your hard top or t-top. Boat Covers Direct® has high quality Carver covers to protect your boat throughout the winter. To find the right cover, search your boat manufacturer.