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Replacement Canopy Lift Covers for ShoreStation, Atlas, Lakeshore, and Nucraft/Craftlander Boat Lifts

Tired of looking at that raggedy canvas on your boat lift? Do something about it. Boat Covers Direct® offers Shoretex canopy replacement covers that are custom fit to your ShoreStation, Lakeshore, or Nucraft/Craftlander frames. These frames share a general shape, with curved ends and rounded top. We group these frames together only for the purpose of explaining how to measure for your replacement canopy. Each cover is custom fit specifically to your frame.


Disclaimer: ShoreStation® is a registered trademark of Midwest Industries and we do not sell ShoreStation® brand products of any kind

To find the canvas that you need for ShoreStation, you'll first want to select whether you have an aluminum or stainless frame. Once you've done that, our guide will show verbal and visual instructions for measuring. Basically, for aluminum frames, it's as easy as measuring the side rail and adding 2 feet to that number to get your length. For stainless frames, you simply count the inner ribs of the frame. Measuring between the inside edges of the frame yields your width.

ShoreStation with Aluminum Frames

Measuring a ShoreStation Aluminum Boat Lift Frame for a Canopy

ShoreStation with Stainless Steel Frames

Measuring a ShoreStation Steel Boat Lift Frame for a Canopy


Measuring an Atlas boat lift frame for a canopy


Measuring for LSP, Nucraft Boat Lift Frames for a Canopy

For Lakeshore, measuring between the inside edges of the frame will give you the width dimensions. To find your length, measure the side rail and add 2 feet to that number.

Available canopy sizes custom fit for the Lakeshore frame include:

Nucraft / Craftlander

Measuring for LSP, Nucraft Boat Lift Frames for a Canopy

Measuring for Nucraft/Craftlander frames is just as easy, and done exactly the same, as measuring for Lakeshore. Nucraft/Craftlander frames come in these sizes:

Nucraft High Top

The NuCraft/Craftlander High-Top is a deep, flat-end frame with sewn in "O-rings" and finished with double hook bungees. The bungees will stretch and allow you to secure the hooks into the ribs of the frame.

Simply measure the total length of the frame from outside edge to outside edge and the inside width to determine what size canvas would provide that custom-fit:

Worried About Installation? It's Easy

We include detailed, step by step instructions with each canvas ordered. This is one project that's easy to do yourself, no experts needed.

You can also view the instructions here. Simply select your brand below: