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Use a Tie Down Kit to Trailer or Store your Boat

You've purchased your top-of-the-line cover and now you're ready to haul your boat to the lake. Making sure the cover is properly secured to the trailer will ensure that you still have the cover when you arrive! A boat cover tie down kit is exactly what you need. Aside from using the tie downs when you are trailering with the boat, you can use them when the boat is being stored on the trailer to help protect your boat and extend the life of the cover.

Tie-down straps are essential to protecting the cover and your boat from damage when trailering by making sure the cover doesn't move around on the boat. The tie-downs are easy to use while being very effective. Both Carver and Shoretex brand boat covers come with double reinforced tie down loops that are sewn in for the purpose of securing the cover. Each kit contains 12 heavy-duty 1" black webbing straps made from polypropylene. These are similar to the straps on a life jacket, even featuring the same type of buckle closure. Unlike bungee cords, these water-resistant straps don't stretch providing for a nice, tight hold.

Using a boat cover tie-down kit can also be beneficial when storing the boat on a trailer. By pulling the cover taut, it helps keep water from "pooling" on it, which can result in damage to the cover and could allow for some leakage if left to pool long enough.

One kit is sufficient for boats up to 24' in length. Two kits should be used for boats longer than 24'. Installing a tie down strap in each loop isn't necessary. Most people use 4 on each side, 2 at the bow and 2 at the stern.

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