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Top 3 Reasons Boat Covers Fit Incorrectly

Boat Covers Direct® sells boat covers by Carver and Shoretex. Both manufacturers have a combined 60 years of experience, and they've learned a few things about fitting a boat with a cover during that time. Pattern makers from both companies are in the field daily, measuring boats, making new patterns, and revisiting existing patterns to make them better. Rest assured, our manufacturers stake their reputations on the fit of their boat covers. Boat Covers Direct® offers a sure fit guarantee, just so that you know we take fit seriously. It's our business.

We take calls from time to time from customers that say their cover is ill-fitting. If you aren't happy, we want to help you.

From our conversations with customers, these are the three issues that are easiest to fix:

  1. When putting the cover on your boat, the tag should be in the correct location. For example, Carver covers are made with the tag in the front. As you can imagine, if the cover is put on with the tag in the wrong location, the fit that you see will be less than ideal. Turn the cover accordingly and see how much better it looks.
  2. After the cover is applied, your custom cover doesn't appear, well, custom. 99% of the time, the problem is that the draw rope isn't cinched tightly enough. Our custom covers are made to accommodate every aspect of a boat's shape. Engineers physically find a boat, take measurements, and make a pattern from those measurements. After a prototype boat cover is made, this cover is taken back into the field to be tried on the boat. If any alterations are needed, another prototype is made, and this process is repeated until a true custom fit is achieved. It is important to us that your custom cover fits like a glove. After all, we want you to tell your friends how happy you are with your purchase.
  3. You ordered for the wrong model or the wrong size. It happens. At Boat Covers Direct®, we are not interested in our customer being stuck with a cover that they cannot use. If this happens to you, call us, we'll help.

If you have an issue with your boat cover, we want to help you.

We know that longevity in the cover business depends on making our customers happy. While we pride ourselves on our low return rate and high customer satisfaction, issues do occur. We look at any fit issues or customer dissatisfaction as a way to improve our performance. Boat Covers Direct® has been serving the cover and Bimini top market for over ten years, and we want to serve your cover needs for many more to come.