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Top 3 ways Bimini Tops are Assembled Incorrectly

We at Boat Covers Direct® get testimonials regularly from satisfied people that think we are the best boat cover and top company out there, and we feel the same about our customers. Often, we have the opportunity to talk to some of our customers after the sale is complete, when they are in the throes of Bimini top assembly. If our customers are unsatisfied, we can generally help them with a few simple tips.

Even though our Bimini top assembly is fairly easy, here are some of the most frequent reasons that customers require our assistance.

1. A. If the top doesn't “look right” or flaps, typically adjuster straps are not put on correctly or need to be adjusted.

B. Here's how to do it right: With the top upside down, the buckled end should be passed through the opening in the fabric and around the long bow. Thread the looped end through the buckle. Pass the looped end of the strap over the short bow and slide down into position. With the adjuster straps, you can achieve the desired crown on your Bimini top. Page 6 of your Carver instructions feature a nice illustration.

2. A. Screw heads become rough during assembly
B. When assembling a top, it is easy for the drill to slip off of the screw in question, causing “burring”. Burring is essentially a rough place that, when left alone, can cause damage to your new canvas. We know you don't want that! One way that our customers overcome this issue is by simply filing down the burr so that there are no sharp edges.

3. A. The top sways from side to side at higher speeds.
B. To fix this, tighten your hold down straps. These are the four straps attached to the eye straps drilled into the gunnel of your boat. These should be tightened to a 45 degree angle so that the top is tightly affixed to the boat. Put your back into it and really pull these straps to achieve tightness—you won't hurt our Bimini top.

If you aren't completely satisfied, we're here to help.

Life isn't perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. If you have a problem with your Bimini top after purchase, let us make it right. We are happy to help you, even if your problem is simply that you don't like the color that you ordered. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase in the hopes that you'll think of us if you ever need another cover or top—and you'll tell your friends!