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Floe and Shoreline Replacement Boat Lift Canopy Installation Instructions

Remove the cover from the box. Place the canopy fabric bundle on top of the frame and unroll the canopy down the center of the frame. When completely unrolled, unfold the cover across the top of the canopy bows and pull down snugly over the frame. Make sure the canopy is centered on the frame with equal amounts of overhang on each side and on each end. The QuikLash black webbing should be on the inside, right behind or slightly above the aluminum canopy frame going lengthwise and across the ends. To read more about the QuikLash attachment system, click here.

This canopy uses the bungee ball system for the sides and Velcro loops for the ends. Take the bungee loop and insert it through the perforated holes on the QuikLash webbing directly corresponding with a canopy frame rib. (Fig. A & B) Next run the loop under the frame, around the rib and tuck the ball underneath the bungee cord, tension will hold the ball in place( Fig. A) Alternate from one side of the canopy to the other this will avoid off centering the canopy. Attach the Velcro loops snugly around the aluminum frame on each end.

Fig A
Fig B

Removal: Simply unhook the bungee balls from in the ribs and unhook velcro from the ends. It is not necessary to remove the bungees from the canopy cover. The bungees can remain looped through the quiklash webbing and ready for next season's installation.

Storage: Make sure your canopy cover is DRY and clean prior to off season storage. Store in a clean and dry environment.