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Pontoon Boat Cover Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories for your pontoon boat, such as vented or snap support poles that permit the cover to be supported up in a tent like position, allowing water to shed off the cover and not pool. Support poles are highly recommended when using a cover, along with tie down straps for security. Keep reading below for a list of other additional accessories for your pontoon to provide you with the best coverage and protection available.

  1. Carver Boat Cover Tie Down Kit - When you purchase a cover you will be provided with a set of 12 tie-down straps. However, we do suggest the use of additional straps if your boat is over 21’.
  2. Mooring Bags - Mooring bags is also a very effective solution to not being able to use the tie-down straps. The mooring bags are weighted sandbags that attach to the hem of the cover and lay to the side of your pontoon, securing your cover in place.
  3. Fishing Chair Cover - We offer the fishing seat cover for those not interested in using a full complete cover, but still want to protect their fishing seats. You just simply fold the backs of the seats down and put on the cover. Helps to prevent early cracking from heat exposure.
  4. Captain's Chair Cover - This cover is also for those not wanting to use a full cover, but still want to protect the life of their seat. This cover just slides right over your Captain’s Chair and snugs up underneath it with a shock cord in the hem.
  5. Pontoon Console Cover - Protecting your gauges and the integrity of your console is very important. This cover will snap to the console, giving you superior protection from the intense sun and rain.
  6. Boat Cover Reinforcement/Repair Kit - The Reinforcement/Repair kit will provide you with added protection at any stress points your cover may experience. Also, as your cover ages it may gain some small rips or tears. The repair kit is an easy way to repair your cover for continued used.
  7. Boat Cover Support System - This support system gives your cover an even underprop that allows your cover to shed water, preventing pooling and premature cover damage. This support works for pontoons up to 28’ long but does require 2 systems.
  8. Boat Cover Support Poles - We offer two different types of support pole options, the snap pole, or the vented pole. The snap pole will come with a snap patch (female snap) that adheres to the inside of the cover and snaps to the support pole with the male snap end. The vented support pole requires you to install a vent to the cover, providing the cover with additional breathability. The pole will connect to the installed vent, supporting the cover up in the tent like effect you need to shed water.