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Inflatable Boat Covers

Inflatable Boats are constructed with a bow and sides made of flexible tubes containing pressurized gas, usually air. This style of boat is very lightweight and is becoming more commonly used, often as a means of tooling a short distance from a larger craft to shore.

Boat Covers Direct® specializes in boat covers for all styles of inflatable's and dinghies, including:

Inflatable with Blunt Nose
Inflatable with Blunt Nose and Small Center Console
Inflatable with Blunt Nose and Tall Center Console
Inflatable Sport Type (V Nose) Boat
Inflatable Sport Type (V Nose) Boat with Center Console

Inflatable boat covers are constructed with draw rope sewn into the hem. The draw rope will exit at the rear of the cover, providing an easy way to tighten the cover to the boat.

How Our Cover Works on Your Inflatable

The cover is designed to cover your whole inflatable, coming down and snugging on the underside of your toons. As long as your motor doesn't stick out considerably past the back of your toons, it will be covered as well. Tie your cover down using the loops that are sewn into its hem one every 2-3'.

Inflatable boat covers from CoversDirect® are offered by two manufacturers, Carver and Westland.

Boat Covers Direct® has carefully chosen these cover suppliers with things in mind such as time and respect in their industry, high standards for quality, and customer service. Both manufacturers have been in business for over 30 years. Carvers products are all made here in the USA. Materials used by Westland and Carver include Polyguard and Sharkskin, which are some of the best materials in the industry.

Carver manufactures a line of inflatable boat covers which are very specific to the varying styles and features of today's inflatables. Consoles are an option on these boats, and their heights can vary widely. Carver makes a cover tailored for a tall console and also a cover for a shorter console. Inflatable boats used to be more commonly made with a pointed front, like a “V”. Now these boats are more frequently being built with blunt noses. We have covers to accommodate both of those styles too. Whether you have a Zodiac, Sea Eagle or a Defender, one of our covers is guaranteed to fit your boat.

To find a cover for your boat, you can contact us via phone, email, or chat. Click here to search by your make, model, or year, or by the style of inflatable that you have.